Talent10 Holdings is an investment holding company and our investment philosophy is based on partnering with management, not dictating to them. We are able to influence the investee companies from our position on the boards of the these companies to maximise value creation. The support offered to our investee companies, can take many forms including financial, strategic, managerial, sales and marketing, access to diverse commercial networks or deal making expertise. Our personal experience in building our own company, brick by brick, the experience we have gained from the various companies in which we have invested and the many company owners we have advised over the last 20 years have given us an innate understanding of the Entrepreneur.


Our approach is to create long term value – thus our mindset is business-centric not transaction-centric. Business longevity dictates the transaction. We believe that company value is built primarily through business growth and we will only invest in those businesses where we are confident of being able to add real value to help achieve this.

We only invest in companies where executive management holds a significant shareholding, before and after our investment, and where we can bring value to the business over and above the funding.

We are looking for long-term partnerships with the companies in which we invest, sharing the same risks and rewards as other shareholders for time frames of several years or more.

We believe differentiated technology provides the best platform from which to build a profitable and sustainable company. All of our investee companies possess strong technology differentiators and we look for this in any target company.

Partnership mentality is another important part of our philosophy. Our team commits fully to our investments and are as involved as the business requires for growth. This encourages strong, stable relationships, built on trust and mutual respect with a company’s management team.


We want to be those you can develop a supportive relationship with, over a number of years, yet we will be bold enough to challenge management thinking and/or practice in the interest of your businesses success. When we invest, each and every professional in our team commits his or her network, creativity and resources towards achieving that. Our aim is to become an asset to management, whether that means acting as an informed sounding board or actively participating in strategic initiatives and operations.



Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Our investment activity has been spread over diverse industry sectors that include Technology, Financial Services, Logistics, Health Care, HVAC, Agri processing, mining services, various manufacturing businesses and in education and training. In each of these fields we have developed a deep base of relevant industry knowledge and an extensive network of professional contacts. Throughout our history, we have enjoyed meaningful success investing in industries of which we had no experience prior to our first investment in that industry.

We are passionate about working with entrepreneurs to build businesses of the future. Our group companies’ success is testament to our strategic insight, commitment and belief that there are great opportunities to be explored.

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