Talent10 Holdings was established by its founders as an investment holding company in October 2012 with the vision is that by 2020 we will be a significant investment holding company in South Africa with a diversified and integrated portfolio of companies that will have significant positive broader societal impact achieved by growing the businesses and its people.

The combined experience of over 50 years in the financial and investment industry and strong commercial aptitude has enabled the Talent10 team to unlock significant growth in our target company investments and create an eminent group in a short space of time. The skill set within Talent10 Holdings provide for wide coverage in financial structuring, capital raising, debt structuring, sales and marketing, strategy and financial management.


Our first and fundamental premise is to do good and to look for broader societal benefit and longer term value. We have an abundance mentality and we collaborate widely with partners that help to ensure success. We challenge set paradigms and tackle “holy cows” with courage and speed, without arrogance but confident that we can make a difference. We are patient and craft best solutions avoiding short cuts that only have short term impact.